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What To Watch Out For At Bars

Whether you are a lady or a guy, most people go out to meet people at clubs and bars.

However, Clubbing abroad in a foreign 3rd world country is fun and exciting but it also has its risks.

Therefore, I want to share with you some common incidents that I have seen happen to foreigners and provide tips to help you prevent bad people from exploiting you and ruining your trip abroad

1. When ordering a drink, see that it is opened in front of you.

Reason: They can spike your drink with tranquilizer drugs to knock you out. They then steal your cash or worse, kidnap you then rape or take one of your organs for sale at a black market. So never ever accept a drink that has been opened in front of you. You always need to know what you are drinking and to do that, see that nothing is put in it.

2. Never leave your drink unattended. If you did, throw it away and order a new one.

Again, this relates to the first tip. I've seen this so many times where the gorgeous girls crowd around you and drag you away from your table for a dance. When you come back, your drink is probably spiked. It's an old trick in the book that many foreigners (especially the young ones) fall for. Either you drink your beverage like a tequila shot before tearing up the dance floor or you throw away your unattended drink when you comeback. 

3. Keep your drink in front of you and always nearby.

The sleaziest of sleazy can toss a tablet in your drink from a mile away within a blink of an eye. To prevent this, always have your glass in front of you with one of your hands covering the top of your glass. When doing this just act cool and look natural while putting your hands over the top of your cup and act like you're just chilling.

4. If possible, don't go to a place you've never been to alone. But if you want to go alone, make sure you know the place well.

This is a no-brainer. Going with some friends may help keep you out of trouble but having a local friend to watch out for you is even better and so much safer. However there are the lone wolves. I'm actually the kind of guy who likes to go alone because sometimes my friends can't keep up with my partying. Also, a large presence of friends could intimidate some of the girls from coming to my table. Worst of all, it sucks when friends can't keep up with whatever you want to do and then call it the night. So if you are like me and want to go alone, make sure you know all the dirty tricks well enough to handle yourself in any situation.

It's not hard to have a good time alone. Just be friendly, play it cool, don't drink too much, don't argue about bullshit and just enjoy your night as it is supposed to be enjoyed.

5. When You Go Out For The Night, Don't Bring Valuable Things With You!

I've seen fools lose their passports and wallets stuffed with cash at bars and clubs. When you lose something like that at some huge semi-sleazy strip club in the Philippines... good luck recovering that! 

To prevent losing your valuables just think of not putting all your eggs in one basket. When I go out, I just carry enough cash for the night. I never bring my main wallet at all, I just carry a  cheap secondary wallet for play. I'd also forget the credit cards because most night establishments in the Philippines, especially at "places" you want to get down and dirty at don't even accept them.

For identification, a driver's license is good enough and not much of a deal if you lose it. A lost passport on the other hand is something else. So when you get carded at the door, please don't use your passport. Only novices do that.

Play it smart boys and girls.The night life is an adventure!


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